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I try to keep my classes simple and accessible, but strong at the same time.  I like to mix things up week by week, focusing on either a body part or small sequence.  I try to make the classes have a nice flow, so that everyone can keep up.  Having a bit of fun in the class is important to me, life can be tough and we can be even tougher on ourselves, so a smile, laugh and wobble gives a moment to relax.


I’m passionate about building a strong core and balance, in both a physical and metaphysical sense.  Just as we need be careful about trying a new physical posture, learning to listen to our bodies, there is a time and a place to look within ourselves, to try and work out who we are.  I think we know instinctively when that time comes.  I hope that in some small way I can help people fall in love with Yoga, move a little easier, feel a little calmer.


I qualified in 2013 with “Yogaworks”, an America based school that just happened to have a intensive yoga teacher training course in Bali.  So I took a sabbatical and flew off to Bali for 2 months.  With the benefit of a beach, plenty of sun, time to think and an inspiring teacher I was able to evaluate what I wanted to do. My time spent with Alicia Cheung who was the senior instructor really was a game changer.


I’ve also been privileged to train with the lovely Katy Appleton here in London and taken Hot Yoga training with CamYoga.  Currently I’m taking a 500hr teaching course with Yoga Sports Science to become a Yoga Sports Coach.  This focuses on bringing yoga into your training schedule on a daily basis, rather than having to decide on a training session or yoga class.  Athletes usually are looking for a functional range of motion, they don’t need to bend like a pretzle. This coaching technique works on more of a one-2-one basis to assist with specific performance gains.  

The Aspire Yoga programme is delivered at the Scout Hut by David Upson.


At present there is a single class on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. David is also available for small group our individual Yoga instruction.



Like many people I started Yoga due to a back problem, the doctors had pretty much given up any idea of treatment, happy to wait for it to deteriorate until surgery could be given.


Waiting for the problem to worsen seemed daft, so back in 2001 I started yoga at home with a Geri Yoga video.  After about 9 months I could almost touch my knees and plucked up enough courage (fears of being the elephant in the room) to attend a class at a studio and find out how to do it correctly. Never looked back.