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Thank you Jane for a brilliantly motivating coaching session today. You provided me with advice and guidance on a number of things, not just real food eating, exercise and fitness (all very important) but in other important health related areas. Thank you. Keep up the good work you're brilliant

Emma - Hassocks


I joined Aspire in February and it has completely changed my life. Jane’s approach is suitable for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. I’ve lost weight, my skin is clearer and I have so much more energy.

Briony - Hustpierpoint


Not only have I lost over 2 stone and become fitter again, I haven't felt so well in years!

Nikki - Hassocks


A big thank you to Tess and Jane for helping me make the long needed changes to my health and fitness in these past three months. Being client of the month this month was a lovely surprise and makes me more determined to move forward to even greater fitness and weight loss as the new year approaches. The support from this group with ideas on food, exercise is a great motivator. The things so many of you have achieved is a real inspiration. I am not one to wish time away - but I can't wait to see what this time next year will look like for my health. Bring on 2016!

Ginny, Sayers Common


The August Kickstart Challenge was a big education for me, and although I admit to having a couple of 'cake' incidents, for the most part I managed to stick to the plan, even my cravings for wine diminished very quickly - and that is saying something!

I must compliment Tess on her ability to motivate and get the best out of people - she was inspirational, has such a positive and great way with people and I learned so much from her. The various 'circuits' are designed very cleverly to ensure that you get the best all round body workout. I was worried about not being able to do most of the challenges but Tess really encouraged me all the way and now I have an interest in joining the kettle bell class and the confidence to know that I can achieve physical goals.

It is amazing how much better you can feel in just a short space of time, I was very happy with my 7IB weight loss but  more than that I feel much stronger, more toned and lean all round. Hopefully I will be able to continue with the challenge - its just the start of the journey.

Finally, I have so enjoyed meeting some new people, everyone has their own individual goal, and the group was extremely supportive.

Naomi, Hassocks


The 21-day Kickstart Challenge does exactly what it says on the tin - I have lost weight (6.2lbs!) and inches (2.5" off my waist!) and I feel great. Tess was fantastic, really supportive and encouraging throughout, as were my fellow Kickstarters. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and would recommend it to anyone. 21 days flies past!

Kelly, Hassocks


I had a 1-2-1 with Jane on Wednesday and I just wanted to say that this lady gets me, understands my personal circumstances, is giving me the space to learn, develop and progress. I have never had such a personal & sincere reveiw with a personal trainer. Thanks Jane for believing in me and for showing that you're as human as the rest of us

Caroline, Hassocks


Jane worked really hard to help get me fit after I had my youngest daughter. She is very supportive, and every time I return to FIT or running, having let everything slip, she is there to pick up the pieces and work me hard again. Only Jane can run a class with FUN in the title. I Always enjoy the sessions especially when Jane works us really hard ( but don't tell her that, or she'll work me even harder ;-)

Ginette Read, Hassocks


I joined Jane's running classes a year ago. I was so unfit and couldn't run to the first lamppost. I am now regularly running 5k, have lost three stone and feel so much healthier. I now do the FIT classes too. Jane is a great motivator who tailors the class to individuals. I have never felt embarrassed and the ethos of these classes is totally inclusive. Don't hesitate, sign up. The best route to a healthier, happier life.

Alison, Hassocks


I signed up with Jane 2 1/2 years ago after rashly entering the Brighton Half Marathon with only 3 months to prepare. At the time I could just about manage 5k. I started going to Jane's running group and supplemented it at her recommendation with kettlebells once a week. Suffice to say that she got me through the Half and started me on the road to fitness that I've stayed on ever since. Little did I suspect how addictive it would be, how great it would make me feel and what lovely people I would meet along the way. I now run 3 times a week, do 2 Quick FIT classes and Kettlebells once a week. I've done numerous races including more half marathons, Hellrunner, 10ks and just recently my first marathon. I've got muscles in places I didn't know was possible and I can swing a 20kg kettlebell with the men; but I'm slimmer and lighter than before. In a nutshell I'm a happy customer!

Janna Dickinson, Hassocks



“When I started running with Jane around April this year I couldn't jog around the block without getting a stitch almost immediately so naturally I'd stop and give up.  It was only with Jane's guidance and support that I learnt how to pace myself correctly and within a few weeks the walk/jog pace she started me on, turned into a jog/run pace and eventually I was able to run 'relatively' comfortably over the various courses that Jane took us on. It was with Jane’s knowledge and support, (along with a large amount of willpower on my part!), that I have managed to lose over three and a half stone and drop almost 2 dress sizes.”

Debbie Smith, Hassocks


“Happy to say that I've lost some 3 stones in weight, feel immeasurably healthier and am the fittest I've been since my 20s.”

Mike Anson, Hassocks


Like many I was suffering from a poor work- home life balance which meant less time for an ever growing need for personal exercise to stop or at least slow down the onslaught of being a late 30, early 40 something. Whilst a keen sportsperson as a younger adult I simply was not self motivated to do too much of my own thing and certainly not someone to frequent the over pampered  gym scene to be reminded of my own shortcomings. Nor was I inspired by the testosterone instructors or “kids” barking at me in a high pitch scream to work harder at the various spin/aerobic type classes on offer.

Then Aspire and importantly Jane came to the rescue. Someone who understood time and reward, encouraged but knew when to push, praise or withdraw. Ever since I joined her regular Fitness or running groups (Kettle Bells being my most enjoyable) I have more energy, a better posture and a general wellbeing; some may even say at times I even look better for it!.   Having been a regular Kettle Bell user I enjoy the variety of sessions and challenges Jane creates in each group and each term. Always pushed but never punished - an hour spent with like-minded people who are enjoying the similar rewards in their own personal journeys.

I can’t recommend Jane enough, whether it's part of a group session or one to one training!

Adrian Jenner, Hassocks


I would just like to take this opportunity to let you know that since I started training with Jane I have never felt better. I can walk further than ever before, I can walk faster, necessary as a warm up. The exercises I do with Jane are tailored to my requirements. I used to struggle sometimes when walking the dogs, now I find it even more of a pleasure. I would like to advise any potential clients that exercising with Jane is a joy and to progress from the light weight kettlebell exercises through to the heaviest gives you a great sense of satisfaction. So, no matter how old you are or feel, taking on an exercise programme with Jane Roweth will only be beneficial for you. Go on, make that New Year resolution and decide to get a programme worked out for you. Personal training does work.

Ian Fowlds, aged 62 Pyecombe


“Before I began training with Jane I was convinced that I would never be able to run, never mind enjoy running.  I had half-heartedly tried it once or twice, but gave up out of breath after a couple of minutes, deciding that it clearly wasn’t for me and that I would stick to walking and the occasional aerobics class.

However, my attitude has been transformed as I now realise that anyone can run as long as they take it at their own pace - it’s amazing!!  I trained with Jane once a week for about 3 months and had ‘homework’ runs to do in between our sessions.  I was really pleased with the progress I made, starting out at maybe 15 minutes of slow jogging and progressing to at least 45 minutes at a reasonable pace and I even tackled hills!!  Even though I’m not currently training with Jane I still enjoy going for a run and love the fact that it fits in so easily with family life as it only takes 30-40 minutes to do a workout and you can do it from your own doorstep - much quicker than driving to the gym to do a class!  I feel much fitter than I did before starting to run and would recommend a course of sessions with Jane to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and attitude to exercise!”

Zoe Holmes, Hurstpierpoint



Dear Jane,

I would like to say a huge ‘Thank you’ for the excellent service that you have provided for me, my husband and my daughter.

We have all thoroughly enjoyed your kettlebell classes over the last 4 years and enjoy the overall fitness, stamina and general good feeling that these have helped us achieve. Andy says it’s the best kind of workout he’s ever done. When Emily was working at the airport she found that the added strength she had meant that she could lift heavy items with little effort. Many of the larger men couldn’t do this and certainly viewed her differently as a result!!

We have also appreciated the way you have helped us rehabilitate after injury. In particular after my shoulder dislocation 2 years ago. With a combination of a good chiropractor and your respect for building up the shoulder and listening to what it was telling us, it is strong and functioning fully.

We have, and still would, recommend you to anyone and would like, once again, to say thank you for providing an outstanding service.

Many, many thanks,

Merete Langler, Hassocks

G0062358 Graham AJ Jac Jade JennyG Paul King Richard Jodie Mill

Has definitely kick-started a health kick. The early mornings have been a struggle with long working days, but have really enjoyed the sessions. Hoping to get involved with Jane Roweth's evening kettle bell class on a Tuesday evening!!!

Jodie Rogers

Here are some of the kind things that Aspire clients have had to say recently:

After joining the kickstart programme I feel so more disciplined and committed to really continue! I love the feeling of feeling slimmer, fitter and energised. It really is a lifestyle change and one that is realistic and works! Jane is truly inspirational beyond all expectations. A huge thanks for making it fun. I want to continue to play tennis, buy some kettlebells and am contemplating beginners running ..

Mill Thomson

I'm going to continue with the diet and going to commit to getting fit with Jane !!!

Alison Featherbe

I am totally committed to continuing the good work that has started under Jane's supervision. I do actually really enjoy the change to my diet! Although I may be occasionally tempted by the evils of beer! I intend to continue exercising through running and cycling and may even do some press ups and burpees. If Jane ever starts an evening class which does not clash with my Tuesday yoga - you may well see me there!

Richard Ovenden

My son says Jane is the best investment I ever made.


I have lost over 2 stone and I can swing a 20kg kettlebell, cutting it in a class with blokes half my age


Jane has been brilliant at setting goals; adapting and finding new things for me to do; keeping me going when I ever get down and Aspire says it all - I wanted to aspire to a new me and Jane is helping me get there.

Mary O'Rourke, Pyecombe

Defo committed to the ongoing exercise.... Perhaps not at 6:30 in the morning, but has really motivated me to get back into the pool and more regular exercise! Will stick to the main principles of the diet as it feels great to lose weight in a sustainable way!

Jade Markwick 

The 1-1 goal setting was good as it helped to personalise the training, and I knew Jane would understand my goals. The contract was very helpful as it was something visual to stick to! I had lots of questions that I didn't want to keep pestering Jane with, so putting them on facebook was a quick and easy way to get answers. It helped that others did the same - posting helpful information, pictures of food and fitness - I found the encouragement really helpful.

I plan to keep up regular exercise! And keep to the new eating plan to the best of my ability! Xx

Jenny Gush


Sad tomorrow is our last fit class. Very much planning to continue the early morning workouts and continue running and cycling throughout the summer. Eating habits certainly changed and I can see myself sticking to 90 percent of the same. Will of course continue Jane's classes and will join more time depending. Entered the 10k, half and full marathon in Brighton so bring it on! Will very much miss my new friends early in the morning, a pleasure to share the kick start with you all. Good luck to you all. Keep strong.

Adrian Jenner

I've just completed month long KickStart programme which was brilliant. 6:30am starts three days a week were great - you are soon buzzing and it sets you up for the day and the benefits stay with you all week. Great and clever range and variation of activities in class - Jane always keeps you guessing and throws in new things, which keeps the interest and continually stretches the body. I would highly recommend it and ... first Monday after it finished, I was out in back garden doing 45 mins at 6:30am ... Long may it continue.

Paul King


“I'm 45. I have always kept myself fit and active. I used to have to visit a chiropractor with back spasms three or for times a year following an old sports injury. Since I have been doing kettlebells with Jane I haven't had to go once! I've been doing kettlebells for about four years. The mixed classes are fun and varied and Jane skillfully addresses individual's needs within the group and makes sure that their technique is spot on. Under Jane's excellent tutelage I am stronger, and fitter than I was when I was 30. My running, golf and snowboarding have all benefitted massively. I am also a stone lighter. I wish this class had been around when I was 20. It's fantastic!”

Tom Drake-Lee, Hassocks


I started Kettlebells classes with Jane a couple of years ago and have never looked back. Jane has got me swinging, snatching and mountain-climbing like I never knew I could do. Classes are exactly how they should be: hard but fun. I have been amazed at what Jane has got me to achieve - I am stronger, fitter and more toned than ever. Jane is an incredible motivator who strikes the perfect balance between pushing you further but making it all enjoyable, Her classes I now something I prioritise in my life. I've turned down dinners at Claridge's and the Savoy to go to Kettles! Never do a lame exercise class again! Don't think about it, do it.                          

Graham Horner, Hassocks

Thank you to Jane for an amazing first PT session. I’m feeling inspired and determined.

Jane really gets it and is incredibly knowledgeable on the diet she passionately believes in. The FIT session was well structured with a lot of input from Jane....really got a lot from the hour.

Thank you again. I’m hooked.

Jac Woods, Hassocks

I have lost three stone on the diet and I feel so much healthier.  I now do the FIT classes too. Jane is a great motivator who tailors the class to individuals. I have never felt embarrassed and the ethos of these classes is totally inclusive. Don't hesitate, sign up. The best route to a healthier, happier life.


Alison, Hassocks


Jane is highly knowledgeable and able to prescribe exercise around my individual needs. Jane has trained me for the past 5 years and has been a real proverbial breath of fresh Fitness air if you pardon the phrase.

Firstly she had to get me India off-road 500km Bike ride ready. TICK.

Then she had to work out a bespoke plan to correct a really bad lower back

problem (since diagnosed as Ankylosing Spondilitis) TICK.

She comes highly recommended and can turn her knowledge to great effect both indoors and outdoors.”

Sir Richard Kleinwort - Haywards Heath

I'm definitely going to stick to the main principles of the diet and I'm going to get up early to exercise as I've really enjoyed that aspect of kickstart. I will definitely be signing up for some aspect of next term's programme depending on timings.

Jennifer Divine

Janny rk1 mary

Hi Jane, I would like to thank you and Tess for all your support and introducing me to a new way of exercising and eating.

You have understated the impact that Aspire and LCHF eating has had on me. Since joining Kickstart on 21 September 2015, I have lost 23lb and 25cms off my waist. My BMI has also dropped 4 points and I exercise between 3 -5 times a week.

I now have more energy, improved moods, a glowing complexion and better sleep. But one of the most noticeable differences: no indigestion and heartburn.

Heidi Rush, Worthing


Being challenged to achieve my best in every session has resulted in a loss of 30lbs in my first 3 months, and that brings regained confidence.  Aspire has allowed me

to regain the health and fitness I thought I would never achieve again.  

Ginny - Sayers Common


I joined Aspire in February and it has completely changed my life. Jane’s approach is suitable for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. I’ve lost weight, my skin is clearer and I have so much more energy

Briony - Hustpierpoint

Since starting to train with Aspire in April Nikki has lost well over 2 stone: "Not only have I lost weight and become fitter again, I haven't felt so well in years!"

Nikki - Hassocks

Nikki Briony