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Aspire has been helping clients get "Up and Running" for nearly 10 years now. Most clients have a goal in mind, whether it be improved health and fitness, weight loss or running their first ever 5k. Many have gone on to bigger things.


Some clients have never run before, others have run marathons. Our unique style of group training allows runners of different standards to train and improve together in a serious but social environment.


Our 7 run leaders have all have completed the Run England "Leadership in Running Fitness" course.


All of the Aspire running groups are fully insured and registered with Run England.


There are several running groups each week. See the class schedule for more details.


Our Wednesday evening late session is aimed specifically at improving speed. So if you are targeting a 10K, half or full marathon and finding it hard to fill the space on your training plan that says "Speed Reps", then this is the session for you. Aimed at runners with a 10K target time between 40 minutes and 70 minutes we provide a dynamic group training approach in which we run as a group but we train as individuals.




13 months ago I would have said I’d never be/been able to run. When I saw the Aspire beginners running class advertised on Facebook I decided to sign up, never having considered myself remotely sporty I wondered if I had made a huge mistake. That first week running for 1 minute felt like a lifetime. But, 12 months later I have got one 8km, two 10kms under my belt, and have really enjoyed just being able to get out the house feeling a whole lot fitter.


I have still got a long way to go until running doesn’t feel like really hard work, but I am determined to keep going. I’ve even just booked hold luggage for a trip to Scotland, just so that I can pack my running gear and do the local parkrun! I would never have imagined being in this position all those months ago, it’s amazing what a bit of determination, the amazing support of Ginette and Marina, and the encouragement of the WeRun!Hassocks community can do!  

Beckie Street Hassocks

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