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Aspire has been helping clients get "Up and Running" for over 7 years now. Most clients have a goal in mind, whether it be improved health and fitness, weight loss or running their first ever 5k. Many have gone on to bigger things.


Some clients have never run before, others have run marathons. Our unique style of group training allows runners of different standards to train and improve together in a serious but social environment.


I am pleased to announce that Mary who was my first every PT client 8 years ago and Ginnete who has been training with Aspire for years have joined Aspire as Running Leaders alongside Marina and myself.  Both Ginette and Mary have completed the Run England "Leadership in Running Fitness" course.


Mary is now leading the Wednesday beginner's running group and Ginnete takes the Monday morning group.


Aspire's 5 run leaders also offer personalised Run Experience packages.  These might be for beginners wanting personal coaching or city runners wishing to explore the local National Park's hills and trails. Run Experience sessions last from 1 to 4 hours and start and finish at Hassocks Station, 55 minutes from Central London.


All of the Aspire running groups are fully insured and registered with Run England.


There are 5 running groups each week. See the class schedule for more details.





Jane got me up and running after my 2 children (when to say the least my fitness and my self-esteem were at a low ebb). Her ability to motivate and inspire has been a great strength for me - (and I ALWAYS have her in my head on solo runs!!) If you think ' I can't run, I'm too old, I've no time, I'm too unfit - BELIEVE ME when I say Jane will get the best out you and you will feel AMAZING!!

Sarah Prater, Hurstpierpoint

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