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Real Food Dieting

Are you tired of diets that only work if you're starving yourself and continually feel deprived? Would you rather be eating real food, indulgent food and fantastic food without thinking it's going to make you fat?


When I first started as a PT nine years ago I found I could get people really fit, but achieving weight loss with the tools and information about “healthy eating” I had learned on my courses just didn’t seem to work for everyone.  I became more and more convinced that a colorie is not simply a calorie, that the maths and statistics used to justify weight loss plans were flawed; and so I began to research what might really be happening to our bodies when we eat.  


Now, after a great deal of research and a set of consistently positive results, this situation has changed and all of Aspire's personal training clients get nutritional advice as part of their package.


Recent research has turned many dietary myths upon their heads. Also, we are all very different people. So, one diet does not suit all. At Aspire we like to think this is where the 'personal' comes into Personal Training. At Aspire we have the knowledge and experience to treat the whole person and not just prescribe what is trending this month in Women's Health.


We are also patrons of the Public Health Collaboration, a charity which aims to improve the guidelines for healthy eating in order to reverse the current epidemics in obesity and type 2 diabetes that we feel are directly caused by the current guidelines that advocate basing all meals on carbohydrates. Our alternative guidelines are published here.


Our Real Food diet approach is here for local people to take control of their diet. We will provide the knowledge, the resources, the science (If you want it!) and the recipes for you to change your diet and your life for the better. And we will be there to provide support and advice when you need it.


  • If you follow our plan you will become slimmer.

  • If you follow our plan you will become healthier.

  • If you follow our plan you will be eating Real Food and lots of it!


Yes, it can be tough in the first few weeks but we will be here to help, with tips, motivation and recipes. And after a year or so you probably won't need us at all, because you will have changed your life for the better.


Many personal trainers add 'nutritional advice' to their CV's as if weight control was just another tick in the box. The popular diet clubs in this country achieve an average weight loss of just 3%. We do not think that is good enough; do you?


FREE REPORT describing what is wrong with most diets!


Why is there an obesity epidemic?


Contact us here for your free copy of our report that summarises the results of over 2 years investigations into the state of dietary advice today and introduces the evidence supporting our REAL FOOD dieting.


"I have lost three stone on the diet and I feel so much healthier.


I now do the FIT classes too. Jane is a great motivator who tailors the class to individuals. I have never felt embarrassed and the ethos of these classes is totally inclusive. Don't hesitate, sign up. The best route to a healthier, happier life."

Alison, Hassocks


Alison loves that prize t-shirt! Real Food Dieting with Aspire Fitness Solutions
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