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Personal Training

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Personal training is all about giving you everything you need to achieve real results. You will be given a structured plan and provided with the education, motivation and accountability to make sure that this time you succeed in achieving your goals.  


Real results take real commitment and our personal training is only available to those willing to invest a minimum of 12 weeks in making changes to their life.


We offer both 1-1 training where you will get the undivided attention of a trainer watching your every move, and semi-private training where you will work through a personal program in the company of up to two other clients all working towards their individual goals.  All programmes include the following:


  • Initial assessment and goal setting

  • Commit to FIT contract confirming your stats, goals and commitments

  • Nutritional guidance and dietary planning

  • One-to-one sessions with an expert personal trainer

  • Regular performance reviews

  • Membership of the Commit To FIT Facebook group for support and motivation

  • Email support from your personal trainer


We are so confident our plans work that we guarantee your results. Follow the plan and if you are not happy with the progress you are making after the first 12 weeks then will return your investment.



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"Jane is an inspirational trainer. Her knowledge, patience and support have helped me to lose weight, increase fitness levels and feel mentally and physically stronger. I achieved my initial goal of dropping a dress size within a few months thanks to Jane’s sound advice on nutrition, in combination with her infectious enthusiasm and dynamic and varied training sessions.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jane as a Personal Trainer, as an integral part of my life I wouldn’t be without her!"

Claire Ayres, Sayers Common


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