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Kickstart is the proven 3-week programme that reaches the parts that most training programmes can't reach!


A combination of 3 small-group training sessions each week and individual dietary advice focusing on Real Food will help you lose pounds and gain fitness faster than you may have thought possible.


This is not for the faint-hearted! The commitment is big, both in terms of the effort required and the dietary changes.


But let's face it if you want to make serious changes then you need serious commitment.


Rest assured though, you will be in safe hands. Jane is one of the most experienced personal trainers in Mid-Sussex and has been running successful group training classes for 6 years now.


On the first four Kickstart programmes everyone lost weight, several clients lost over a stone. Their waistlines fell by up to 4.5 inches and their muscle mass grew. As a result of the combination of diet and excercise they all feel fitter and healthier.

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Since completing the first Kickstart programme I've  signed up for the commit programme and I now run twice and do 1 FIT class EVERY WEEK ....


Most importantly I feel I have had a major attitude shift to my diet and health. At last I have found something that works for me in the LCHF diet and working locally with Jane on goals and health.


Jane just "gets it" and her commitment and belief is awesome. There's no going back for me.


Jac Woods


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This is what the kickstarters had to say at the end of the programme:


Having worked out with Jane for over 5 years and having had good results I admit I was a bit sceptical as to how much I would get from a January Kickstart programme. But from the start it was different, with a contract to sign committing me to an exercise and diet regime for 4 weeks including when and how much red wine I might drink!  The early morning starts were hard but the commitment of my fellow kickstarters was infectious and there was fantastic support and advice on the website.  By upping the exercise and following the food advice I lost weight and lost that mid-winter feeling of stodge such that I intend to continue into February and beyond.  Jane was fantastically supportive and motivational.  She inspired me to believe in myself and I will achieve my aspirations for a fitter and healthier and thinner me!

Mary O'Rourke


Has definitely kick-started a health kick. The early mornings have been a struggle with long working days, but have really enjoyed the sessions. Hoping to get involved with Jane Roweth's evening kettle bell class on a Tuesday evening!!!

Jodie Rogers


I'm definitely going to stick to the main principles of the diet and I'm going to get up early to exercise as I've really enjoyed that aspect of kickstart. I will definitely be signing up for some aspect of next term's programme depending on timings.

Jennifer Divine


I feel so more disciplined and committed to really continue! I love the feeling of feeling slimmer, fitter and energised. It really is a lifestyle change and one that is realistic and works! Jane is truly inspirational beyond all expectations. A huge thanks for making it fun. I want to continue to play tennis, buy some kettlebells and am contemplating beginners running ..

Mill Thomson


I'm going to continue with the diet and going to commit to getting fit !!!

Alison Featherbe


I am totally committed to continuing the good work that has started under Jane's supervision. I do actually really enjoy the change to my diet! Although I may be occasionally tempted by the evils of beer! I intend to continue exercising through running and cycling and may even do some press ups and burpees. If Jane ever starts an evening class which does not clash with my Tuesday yoga - you may well see me there!

Richard Ovenden


Make 'proper' breakfasts and eat lots of meat, eggs, nuts and veggies.

June Johnstone


Defo committed to the ongoing exercise.... Perhaps not at 6:30 in the morning, but has really motivated me to get back into the pool and more regular exercise! Will stick to the main principles of the diet as it feels great to lose weight in a sustainable way!

Jade Markwick


Keep up regular exercise! And keep to the new eating plan to the best of my ability! Xx

Jenny Gush 


Sad tomorrow is our last fit class. Very much planning to continue the early morning workouts and continue running and cycling throughout the summer. Eating habits certainly changed and I can see myself sticking to 90 percent of the same. Will of course continue Jane's classes and will join more time depending. Entered the 10k, half and full marathon in Brighton so bring it on! Will very much miss my new friends early in the morning, a pleasure to share the kick start with you all. Good luck to you all. Keep strong.

Adrian Jenner


I'm going to be getting up early twice a week, once for a run and once to go to the gym, plus joining Wednesday's Aspire running group!

Sarah Richards


I have signed up for the commit programme and will run twice and do 1 fit class EVERY WEEK .... I have got a place on the brooks 10 k run nov 16 and so will be training for that. Most importantly I feel I have had a major attitude shift to my diet and health. At last i have found something that works for me in the lchf diet and working locally with Jane on goals and health. Jane just "gets it " and her commitment and belief is awesome. There's no going back for me.

Jac Woods


I've just completed month long KickStart programme which was brilliant. 6:30am starts three days a week were great - you are soon buzzing and it sets you up for the day and the benefits stay with you all week. Great and clever range and variation of activities in class - Jane always keeps you guessing and throws in new things, which keeps the interest and continually stretches the body. I would highly recommend it and ... first Monday after it finished, I was out in back garden doing 45 mins at 6:30am ... Long may it continue.

Paul King

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     THE PLAN ...

  • 1-1 consultation

  • Full assessment report

  • Individual goal-setting

  • 9 small-group exercise classes

  • Dietary advice

  • Tracking Journal

  • Email support & motivation

  • Supportive community

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