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Kettlebell classes have always been one of Aspire's most popular solutions. Jane and Janna have trained with the best and Jane has been delivering expert kettlebell tuition for 8 years now.


Focusing on technique before weight every exercise has a purpose, besides just getting you knackered.  But don't worry, a 45 minute kettlebell workout is guaranteed to work your whole body hard, but not too hard!


Keeping the class to a maximum of 12 allows us to ensure that everyone gets the attention that they need. If your back is not straight then your instructor will notice!


There are always sufficient kettlebells to ensure that you are working at the right level whether squatting with 28kg or learning a Get-Up with a 6kg.


Inapproriate or incorrect excercse with Kettlebells can lead to injuries. Jane and Janna will draw on their specific Kettlebell training qualifications and years of experience to ensure that you train safely and effectively.


Jane also runs occasional Kettlebell Masterclass sessions for small groups wishing to learn how to use kettlebells for the first time or to perfect technique.


See the class schedule for more details.

"I started Kettlebells classes with Jane a couple of years ago and have never looked back. Jane has got me swinging, snatching and mountain-climbing like I never knew I could do. Classes are exactly how they should be: hard but fun. I have been amazed at what Jane has got me to achieve. I am stronger, fitter and more toned than ever.


Jane is an incredible motivator who strikes the perfect balance between pushing you further but making it all enjoyable, Her classes are now something I prioritise in my life. I've turned down dinners at Claridge's and the Savoy to go to Kettles! Never do a lame exercise class again!

Don't think about it, do it."                          

Graham, Hassocks

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