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Aspire Fitness Solutions is the premier personal and group-based fitness company in Hassocks. We provide weekly group fitness classes including Kettlebells, FIT and running groups for beginners and the more experienced.


Fun Integrative Training (FIT) is what Aspire solutions are all about. In each block of classes we have several different elements looking to build real fitness.  We work on balance, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, speed, agility and of course great exercise technique using a wide variety of training methods and equipment. Over the last 6 years FIT has been growing steadily more popular as a structured alternative to the chaotic boot camps that are now widely available. There are 5 FIT sessions each week to chose from.


Kettlebells are where Aspire began and where we excel.  Jane is the most experienced instructor in the area and her classes always sell-out, so book your places early!


Aspire's running groups have been a key part of the fitness of the village for 6 years now. With 4 qualified and experienced instructors there is something in every session for every runner, from novices to marathon veterans.


You can join one class a week or join the "Commit To FIT" group which includes dietary advice and as any classes as you like. You can find the current groups schedule here.


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"I have lost 3 stone on the diet

and I feel so much healthier!"

Alison, Hassocks