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Fun Integrative Training is what Aspire solutions are all about. In each block of classes we have several different elements looking to build real fitness.  We work on balance, strength, flexibility, co-ordination, speed, agility and of course great exercise technique using a wide variety of training methods and equipment.


For those with great base skills we offer QuickFIT, a fast paced 30 minute HIIT session to really improve cardiovascular performance and strength while boosting metabolism and enhancing fat burning.


Over the last 6 years FIT has been growing steadily more popular as a structured alternative to the chaotic boot camps that are now widely available. There are 6 sessions each week to chose from. See the class schedule for more details.




















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Fun Integrative Training (FIT) really is fun! It’s part of my social time as my work as a Counsellor can be very isolating. I try to push myself and I’m happy to ache the next day, knowing I really got my money’s worth.

Jaki Watkins, Hassocks