Aspire Fitness Solutions


Marina Bullivant has been one of Aspire's star pupils for the last eight  years. It was her idea that Jane started the running groups in the first place. She joined the first group as a novice and quickly moved on to 5Ks, 10ks and then with Jane she ran the first Brighton Marathon in 2010.


Since then Marina has completed all 7 Brighton Marathons. In 2016 she  completed 3 marathons in 3 months, including the Hassocks Sport Relief Marathon where the gang from We Run! raised over £700 for charity. All on the Aspire low-carb diet plan!


Marina's time in Brighton last year automatically qualifies her for this year's London Marathon as a "Good for Age" Runner and in July she ran her first 100 kilometer Ultra. What a record!


Marina has been a leading organiser of the We Run! Hassocks group, helping set up and coordinate the Facebook group that now has over 220 members.


Marina joined Aspire in 2014 as a Run Leader and is now leading several of the weekly running groups.  She holds a Run Leader qualification registered with UK Athletics.







Marina at the Run To The Stones 100K