Aspire Fitness Solutions


Janna Dickenson has been been a part of Aspire since way back. She started coming to running classes when training for a half marathon and she joined in with kettlebells to gain the strength to enable her running to go further. Since then she has just got stronger and stronger.


Janna loves a challenge and she now lifts weights as big as the big boys and runs further than all the boys, joining Marina in the We Run! Ultra club. She recently ran 65 miles at the Endure 24 event.


Last September Janna completed her Strength Matters SMC Level 1 kettlebell certification and she now leads the Monday morning class as well as regularly covering for Jane with FIT classes.


Oh, and she also holds the record for "most views of any Aspire Facebook video"!








Janna at the OX Jannakb play